Attention To Retention

How to Effectively Retain Your Members, Leads, and Customers

Everyone Wants To Acquire New Customers...

... But Do You Take Care Of The Ones You Already Have?

If you landed here, then there is a 99% chance you own a business, offer a service or have some sort of eCommerce platform.

The bottom line is - you want as many customers and leads as possible. That makes sense of course - we all do!

One of the biggest problems is that it can take a lot of work to generate new customers.

  • You have to spend money on advertising
  • You need to get them acclimated to your offers
  • You need to deal with any issues that come along with new customers
  • You have to create time to acquire them
  • You need to do market research
  • Etc...

It's easy to get wrapped up in the acquisition phase. I mean, who doesn't want more customers?

The thing is - you can't be so wrapped up in acquiring new customers that you ignore your current customers!

There Is A Lot Of Value In Treating Your Current Customers Right

In fact...

A two percent increase in customer retention will roughly have the same effect as a 10 percent reduction in selling price. Source: “Leading on the Edge of Chaos”, Emmet Murphy & Mark Murphy.

Retaining customers lowers your total customer acquisition costs and is in fact, six to seven times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. Source: Bain & Company

Your chances of selling to an existing customer is anywhere between 60 and 70 percent, whereas that of selling to a newly-acquired customer is typically between five and 20 percent. Source: Marke3ng Metrics

Retained customers (loyal customers) are more profitable – they have a higher lifetime value; make more purchases; spend more per purchase; are more accepting of price increases; are more likely to show similar loyalty for other products and services you launch; bring more business to you by referring more people. Source: “The Value of Online Customer Loyalty”, Bain & Company

As You Can See - Customer Retention Pays Off

The question is - how can you best nurture you customers and leads...

Well we have the answer: Attention to Retention

Attention to Retention - is the perfect introduction to building lasting customer and lead loyalty.

This simple, user-friendly course will take a complete "newbie" and teach them the very basics of what it takes to retain their customers.

It focuses on 3 Main Modules:

  •  Lesson 1 - Customer Retention - Seven Infallible Strategies For Customer Retention
  •  Lesson 2 - Member Retention - Seven Specific Ways To Retain Members On Your Membership Website
  •  Lesson 3 - List Retention - Five Things You Can Do To Maintain Your List And Retain List Members

If you want to get an introduction to this vital information, please join today...

Attention To Retention




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