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How To Build A List Of Loyal Subscribers

Are you a stranger to your email subscribers?

Learn How to Build a Loyal List of Readers Who Eagerly Listen to You

Why should you be spending time worrying about whether enough people are opening and reading your emails?

Consider these statistics:

91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily, and...

74% of consumers prefer to get commercial messages through email as opposed to somewhere else, such as social media

 (Source: HubSpot)

In fact, email marketing produces a higher ROI than any other online marketing methods

So put aside all the hype about social media marketing for a minute and read on.

Email isn’t even close to dead.  In fact, it’s still a far more effective way to communicate with your market than social media.

That’s because it’s personal, and it can’t be taken away from you.

Imagine this…

You have a huge following on Facebook, but suddenly they decide to close your account for one reason or another.

All those followers are gone. Poof!  And there’s no way to contact them, or even to retrieve your posts.

Or imagine you have a huge number of subscribers to your YouTube channel. But suddenly YouTube shuts you down.

Then you’ve lost your way to contact all those subscribers AND you’re videos are gone too.

But there’s a solution to these risks…


When your followers are on your email list, you can build a loyal list of subscribers, and no one can take that away from you.

However, it’s up to you to nourish and build your relationship with your subscribers, so that they’ll stay with you and listen to what you have to say.

That’s entirely under your own control.

I’ll admit that it’s not easy to build this type of relationship.

There are still thousands of email marketers who just rely on adding new people to their list constantly, since they have so many that unsubscribe daily.

You do NOT want to be one of those marketers!

We’ve created a course that will teach you how to build the type of subscriber relationship that leads to ultimate email marketing success… step-by-step.

Introducing: Email Marketing For Business: How to Build a List of Loyal Subscribers

Do any of these describe you?

  • You have an email list, but haven’t really done much with it
  • You have a list, but feel like your subscribers barely listen to you
  • You want to ramp up your current email marketing efforts, but you think you just have to add more opt-ins
  • Your unsubscribe rate seems ridiculously high
  • You have a small list of subscribers and think you just have to grow it bigger before it can be profitable

If any of those sound vaguely familiar, then you need to take a look at my newest course…

In Email Marketing For Business, I’m going to guide you through the essentials of attracting the people you want on your list and then building a lasting AND profitable relationship with them.

You’ll identify exactly what you need to change in your current email marketing, and then take the steps necessary to make it happen.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the reasons it’s essential to have strong relationships with your list
  • Assess the current state of your email autoresponder efforts and where you need to improve
  • Identify the actions you will take to increase the number of your list subscribers
  • Write or revise your current Welcome email so that it sets the right tone and gets your subscriber relationship started in the right direction.
  • Identify what your readers want to hear in your emails
  • Brainstorm ideas for email content your readers will find valuable
  • Write emails that keep your subscribers engaged and interested in reading your content
  • List ways you will build your subscriber relationship outside of email
  • Outline which types of income you will focus on getting from your autoresponder vs. broadcast emails
  • Draft an action plan for moving forward with your subscriber relationship-building efforts

We’ve divided up the course into easy, bite-size sections so you won’t get overwhelmed. And, you’ll have no reason to procrastinate!

You’ll also get graphics and tools to help you remember what you’ve learned and to put it all into action.

For each section, you'll get a Worksheet to take notes and complete the activities, along with some unexpected bonuses.

Want The Specifics?

Here are the topics we'll cover in each major section of the course:

  • Module 1: What Is an Email List and Why Is It So Important?
  • Module 2: The Keys to Using an Autoresponder Effectively   
  • Module 3: Getting People to Sign Up
  • Module 4: The Importance of a Good Introduction
  • Module 5: Providing Valuable Information to Your List
  • Module 6: What Your Subscribers Want
  • Module 7: How to Keep Your Subscribers Tuned in
  • Module 8: Engage with Readers
  • Module 9: Reaching Your Subscribers Outside of Your List
  • Module 10: Passive and Active Income from Your Email Marketing
  • Conclusion: Creating Your Action Plan

By the end of the course, you'll become a master at building the type of relationship with your subscribers that your fellow marketers will be jealous of.

They’ll be asking you how exactly you did it!

NOTE: This is not a course on the technical aspects of setting up autoresponders and funnels. There are a billion tutorials on that, which you can find anywhere.

In Email Marketing For Business, I’ll be teaching you the secrets of tapping into the real power of email marketing that most people fail to ever achieve. And it has nothing to do with how big your list is.

Don’t waste another minute on marketing that belongs to someone else, or on the number of people on your email list.

Learn how to build the biggest asset you can have in your business… the right way!

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