Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is growing in popularity. As such, business owners are going to want expanded functionality. While Google is constantly adding features, it may not be doing so in an acceptable time frame. Therefore, it would be helpful for companies to have the capabilities of extending the features of these apps on their own. Google has a language known as Google App Script, which allows for customization. It is largely based on JavaScript.


  • Can You Extend Google Apps Functionality?
  • Core Components of Google Apps for Work
  • Getting the Most Out of Google Apps for Work
  • Google Apps Standard or Premier
  • Should You Become a Google Apps Administrator?
  • Using Google App Inventor for Developing Android Apps
  • Using Google Apps for Marketing
  • Wait, You Don’t Have an Gmail Account?
  • Want to Expand Your Business?
  • Who Is Winning the Office Apps War?


Google Apps for Work




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