The Future of Business

Can Trends Really Be Predicted? The year was 1999. Much was hyped about a product that was going to revolutionize the way we travelled locally. This was the launch of the Segway. If you remember back then, the media said everyone would own one and this was going to be the primary means of getting around town. It’s pretty safe to say that it didn’t happen. Either it was too expensive for most to jump onboard or people simply didn’t want to give up walking. Whatever the reason, the concept did not catch on the way it was hyped. It’s not to say that there were no sales. There just wasn’t enough to claim a revolution.
  • A Couple of Sneaky Ways to Get Trend Data
  • Can Trends Really Be Predicted?
  • Exponential Growth Expected in Data Analysis
  • How Crowdsourcing Will Help Future Businesses Create Better Content
  • Is it Time for a Skills Overhaul?
  • Its Nice to Share
  • Learning Languages for Business May Not Be Needed in the Future
  • The Millennials Are Coming
  • Top Resources for Trend Spotting Visual Based Content Will Continue to Grow
The Future of Business




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