Writing Tools

There was a time when most writers would use a typewriter and nothing else for their typing. This left them with relatively little choice when it came to the feel of their keyboard and, of course, also meant they couldn’t easily replace it whenever they wanted. Fortunately, technology has advanced a little since then, and today, we can go through as many keyboards as we like until we find the perfect one. Most writers will type using a different device that best suits the way they like to work, and this can greatly enhance their writing speed and accuracy, as well as their enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing a keyboard.
  • Audio Software and Hardware for Writers
  • Cliche Finder
  • How to Choose a Keyboard for Typing
  • How to Write on the Move Using Just an Android Phone
  • How Zen Writer Can Help You to be More Productive
  • The Things You Didnt Know You Could Do in Word
  • What is the Readability?
  • Test Tool and Should You Use It
  • Why Every Writer Should be Using Evernote
  • Why Every Writer Should Carry a Notepad
  • Why the Surface Pro 3 is the Ideal Computer for Writers
Writing Tools




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