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Why do you need to worry about the relationship you build with your email list?

In the face of social media and all of the other new things popping up on the web, why would anyone still put their energy into email marketing?

Well, consider this…

According to Hubspot, there are 3.6 billion email accounts worldwide. General estimates put the number of email users at 2 billion worldwide (with additional accounts making the total higher). Compare this with the number of Facebook users, which is just shy of one billion. Facebook is, at the time of writing, the world's biggest social media platform. Yet its numbers still can’t hold a candle to email.

A study by research firm Radicati Group says that the number of new email accounts registered worldwide is exploding. It predicts that there will be over 4 billion email accounts by the end of 2014. It further predicts that this growth will surpass 5 billion by 2018.

Hubspot also reports that 91% of consumers check their email inboxes daily. It found that 74% of consumers prefer to get commercial messages through email as opposed to somewhere else, such as social media.

According to stats gathered by SalesForce, nearly half of all email list subscribers reported making one purchase per year through email messages.

Email marketing produces higher ROI than any other online marketing methods. It has a unique place in the world of online marketing strategies because it's so personal. This personal aspect is why email subscribers are so responsive.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have an email list, but haven’t really done much with it
  • You have a list, but feel like your subscribers barely listen to you
  • You want to ramp up your current email marketing efforts, but you think you just have to add more opt-ins
  • Your unsubscribe rate seems ridiculously high
  • You have a small list of subscribers and think you just have to grow it bigger before it can be profitable

What You'll Learn in This Course

This course covers the things you need to know to build the type of relationship with your email subscribers that leads to lasting loyalty and profits. We’ll cover both basic and some advanced strategies.

Each section comes with an assignment and worksheets, so that you can easily implement what you've learned. You’ll be completing those activities as you move through the program. By the end, you should already be well on your way to a strong relationship with the people on your email list.

By the time you’ve finished this course, you will have:

  • Identified reasons it’s essential to have strong relationships with your list of email subscribers.
  • Assessed the current state of your email autoresponder efforts and where you need to improve.
  • Identified the actions you will take to increase the number of your list subscribers.
  • Written or revised your current Welcome email so that it sets the right tone and gets your subscriber relationship started in the right direction.
  • Identified what your readers want to hear in your emails.
  • Brainstormed ideas for email content your readers will find valuable.
  • Written emails that keep your subscribers engaged and interested in reading your content.
  • Listed ways you will build your subscriber relationship outside of email.
  • Outlined which types of income you will focus on getting from autoresponder vs. broadcast emails (passive vs. active income).
  • Drafted an action plan for moving forward with your subscriber relationship-building efforts.

Let's get started…