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  Essential Traffic Checklists and Planners

Track Your Efforts

You can have the best strategies and create amazing action plans to generate more web traffic.

However, if you don’t track your results, all of your hard work is meaningless because you don’t know what worked. Unless you know what worked, you can’t use the tactic to repeat future successes.

You need to know what information visitors search for, what devices they use, and what sent them to your site. This is information you can only find by using a metrics program.

One way to track your visitors and their behavior on your site is Google Analytics. Using this site allows you to see where your traffic came from, what visitors clicked, and when they left your website.

You can even generate monthly reports and export them.

This will help you track the growth of your website and brand over the course of several months. You’ll also be able to see what content your site visitors are ignoring and what content they love. Then you can serve up more of what your customers want.

Experiment with different types of web traffic and chart your results. Focus on what your visitors want and how you can provide a great user experience.

This information along with this month’s tools will help you get the traffic you need for successful online business.