Outsourcing Templates

  Outsourcing Templates

Outsourcing Success: How to Get the Best Results

Let your freelancer know at the beginning of your project if you want regular status updates and how you prefer them.

Some business owners just want an email once a week that covers the progress of the project.

Others prefer to meet for quick 15-minute Skype sessions to discuss what’s going on.

Status updates give both you and your freelancer a sense of momentum. They also keep you stay in touch so that if your freelancer does encounter a problem, they know how to contact you.

Tell the contractor you’ve hired what you want, but be willing to listen to their thoughts, too. After all, you hired this person for their expertise.

If they want to go in a different direction, ask why and pay attention to what they share. For example, your copywriter might tell you that your headline is good but it’s too long for a Facebook ad. She can then suggest an alternative headline that will be just as effective.

Don’t assume your freelancer knows how you like a task completed. This is something you can handle easily by offering documentation. For example, you have a certain way that you like your blog posts formatted.

Give the virtual assistant you hired a checklist so she can make sure she’s following your formatting every time she uploads a new post.

If your task is technical or complicated, create a screenshot video. This lets your freelancer watch over your shoulder so he or she knows exactly what you want done. A video gives them insight into your process and makes it easier for a freelancer to predict what you’ll like in the future.

This information along with this month’s tools will help you learn how to outsource successfully without frustration.